Facebook Ladies Share Exciting 'First Day' Experience In Their Partner/Male Friend's House (Pics)

Some female Facebook users have taken to the section of Sadiq Romeo on 'Tell It All', a page on the social media platform to share some exciting 'first day stories' in the residence of their partners and male friends.

According to a section of ladies, their first day left them with lots of beautiful memories while others shared sad stories.

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Following the interaction on Facebook, Lucy Wilson said "He locked me no food for 3 days just cause I refused him sex, we were just friends,ooo"

Gina Boakyewaa added, "So he overheard me tell friends that guys who wear white singlet and white briefs put me on, he invited me to his place, he was wearing white singlet alright, but his supporter was standing straight as if he used all the starches in this world, I didn't keep long koraa, boi."

Myzz Franz commented "First time visiting his home was the first time I was meeting his parents"

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Akua Agyeiwaa Adomako Nyamekye said "I was so bored with His gentle attitude,,I kept saying in my head,,aaahhh like by now We woulda finished first round n be resting. The way na I mean Him,,just couldn't wait to chop Him so I can literally hardly remember anything that went on that day b4 I chopped Him,,,. So the summary of this is I got my heart desire,,I chop Him n it ended in praise. M for medaase"

Paulina Issaka also commented "Hmmm! That day eerh hunger nearly "killed" me la,I went with 2 of my friends n we were trying to do "lady lady" ya hw3 film saaa 3k)m de y3 so Emelia Asante was bold n brave enough to say "Bro Dan,y3 p3 choo" Abena Antwi are u there"

Nectar Akua Ewoenam stated "I got to his house and this guy was like wow, started staring at me like I'm some ghost bi then sharp he carried me inside... He didn't ask "how're you" or what should I offer you mpo! Then he started kissing me like some mad dog bi wey dem release ein chain😂 herh! He ate me correctly not ones ooo hmmm like I won't come to his place after leaving. So after everything he offered me tea, bread and cheese then he prepared some alo rice and egg stew for me and I finished everything within 1 minute and he was like herh Akua! And I was like hw3 wokas3 adwuma ketewa na may3 nor anaa😂 the food was very delicious too... I love him... Swthrt I love you okay I'm glad we've made our relationship official now

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Kate Simbalam Beam explained saying "First day in his house was not on a date but work with others. Then the first official date at his house, he invited me to have dinner with him. I stood by him with my wine while he cooked. After we finished eating, we watched a movie with more wine. I slept over and had the best sex ever and breakfast in bed. I said to myself, u are going nowhere, I want u all to myself.. thank God.. He’s now my MR. Still having dinner and breakfast made for me. My eyes still lights when I talk about him. I pray for forever together.🙏🏽"

Anaesthetist Ba RJ commented "So Obibini Broni Cardipee Ginger, u no see this? Come and tell us ur first day at his end....."

Nana Akua Afriyie also said "Ist day I was given jollof rice with plenty chicken to chew with some chilled coke alongside I couldn't eat mpo. then later he projected a movie for us to watch. I enjoyed my ist visit though"

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However, some guys who were following the engagement teased and made fun out of the comments being made by the ladies on the platform.

Per these exciting first day experience shared by these ladies on Facebook, what's your experience too?

Below are some exciting comments:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith