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EJURA BROUHAHA: IPRAN Joins ‘March For Justice’

The Inter-Party Resistance (IPRAN) says it has observed with great concern and utmost distraught the recent growing spate of insecurity, mostly perpetrated by the state security with government backing.

According to IPRAN, it has also followed the discourse on the recent brutalities and has decided to throw its full support behind the NDC Youth Wing in the organization of the ‘March for Justice’ scheduled for Tuesday, 6th July 2021.

In a communique signed by its convener, Bernard Mornah, it said "Whiles at it, we want to use this opportunity to commend the various activists who have kept the flame of the resistance burning particularly #FixTheCountry Movement"

The statement further revealed that the protest march bears in all its essence the core of Ghana’s quest to restore dignity, peace, inclusion, tranquillity, accountability, and social justice which has been brutally violated and currently stands at its all-time low.

Bernard Mornah also said "It is now amply evident, that lives of ordinary Ghanaians have been under threat since Akufo Addo assumed the reigns of government in 2017. This seeming threat has been manifested by state-sponsored brutalities that have maimed and taken the precious lives of vulnerable innocent Ghanaian citizens"

IPRAN, however, hinted that it cannot sit unconcerned and close its eyes to such abuse of the rights of the citizenry and the subtle attempts by the inept and insensitive regime to continue to perpetuate such political atrocities and injustice on the rather young and fragile democracy.

"A democracy our forefathers laid their lives for. We are therefore calling on all progressives and members of all our member political parties to roll up their sleeves, put on their boots, and turn up for this all-important historic Protest March intended to draw the much needed public attention to the injustice, the flagrant abuse of power and the wanton democratization of political atrocities clothed under COVID19 law enforcement" it said.

Below is a copy of the release:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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