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"Early Child Marriage Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past" - Northern Regional Minister Assures

Northern Regional Minister, Shani Alhassan Shaibu has assured that early child marriage, a worrying phenomenon in his region will soon be a thing of the past.

According to the Minister, the issue must be a concern to all adding that a collective effort will not only save the lives of young and ignorant girls but also give them a better future.

In an exclusive interview with, in Accra on Sunday, the Minister said "Well, it should be a concern to all of us and you have realized that most of these children do not stay long in school and that is why we see these. But with the advent of this Free SHS, we are having a lot of female students in schools now and that is the reason issues of child marriage has reduced drastically”

“I can tell you that very soon, it will be a thing of the past”

Touching on Teenage Pregnancy in his region, he noted that young girls are frequently educated on it as well as its dangers hence the low records attained"

“The health indicates that we produced will tell you that teenage pregnancy is on the low ascendance in the Northern Region. It is very low”

Further reacting to the Bagri Dam Spillage, the Regional Minister “They (GWCL) are going to shut down not because they want to shut down but it is the situation they find themselves in because, if the water level increases up to a point that they cannot operate, and if they have their machines submerge in water, then definitely, they cannot use them to produce so they have to shut down"

“What can the RESEC do? They cannot stop the water from flowing from the Bagri Dam because this is the raining season of the northern part of the country and any water that comes has a root either through the White or Black Volta or OTI or Dakar River and all these runs into the Volta Lake, so until the water recedes into the Volta Lake, there is nothing we can do”

Responding to Fulani Herdsmen, he said “Of course if you do something which is not good, you will be arrested and we have a lot of them running in the law courts of the country"

The Minister revealed that some Fulani Herdsmen have been imprisoned after they were found to be guilty of some offences.

Hon. Shani Alhassan Shaibu, however, appealed to both local and foreign investors to inject the necessary capital in various sectors of his region's economy.

"There is much to be achieved for the Northern Region in view of the huge potentials at our disposal. In this regard, I wish to use this opportunity to call on investors to inject the necessary capital in various sectors of our economy"

The Minister underscored the importance of peace in sustainable development, adding that, his region cannot be over emphasized.

"Peace is an unmovable foundation for a just and prosperous society and security. It is collective responsibility for all and sundry"

The Regional Minister thanked the Akufo-Addo Administration for the Tamale International Airport and other major projects been commissioned in his region.

He revealed that about $70 Million was injected into the Tamale International Airport project.

Some other achievements, the Minister touted include; health, transport and 1D1F.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

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