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“Drugs have destroyed you, be healed” – Blakk Rasta replies Efya

Ghanaian reggae artist, Blakk Rasta has replied celebrated female singer Efya Nokturnal saying the she has allowed drugs to destroy her soul.

According to Blakk Rasta, Efya should allow herself to be healed.

His comments came after Efya had said he did not know who Blakk Rasta was when she was speaking during an interview on GhOne TV.

Efya Nokturnal, even after he was helped to recognize Blakk Rasta, went on to describe him as the “funny musician who did funny songs.”

“I don’t know who Blakk Rasta is. Is he the radio journalist that does funny music ? Journalist say what they want but Ghanaian musicians don’t care”

These words did not sit well with Blakk Rasta, who decided to berate Efya and tell her to desist from the use and abuse of drugs, which could have clouded her knowledge of him.

In a quick rebuttal, Blakk Rasta wrote: Sad what DRUGS can do to a beautiful soul. Be delivered and healed, in JESUS name!


Blakk Rssta on his show on 3FM had described Sarkodie’s latest work with Bob Marley as a desecration of the Reggae genre. According to him, the rapper was not the right fit for the project.

“What Sarkodie was nothing but a desecration of the legacy of Bob Marley. It is so shameful. What Sarkodie did is nothing but a desecration of the holy music of Bob Marley. It is like a king has been buried and you go and dig him up and steal his gold and diamonds that he’s been buried with. Urinate right into the grave and walk away laughing like a mad man on heat.

Sarkodie allowed himself to be used to desecrate the legacy of Bob Marley. What is special about what he did, the one way rap which has been on all these years. What Sarkodie does is one-way rap”, Blakk Rasta fumed.

These words obviously did not sit well with Efya who denied knowledge of him which has resulted in Blakk Rasta attacking him and calling her names.

Watch the video:

Credit: GhPage



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