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"Drinking Sachet Water Is A Choice Because Ghana Water Produces High-Quality Water" – Cecilia Dapaah

The truth is, Sachet water is the main source of drinking water in Ghana, the latest census report has found.

The census also revealed that sachet water was used by 51.5 percent of families in urban areas, while borehole/tube well water was utilized by 33.6 percent of households in rural regions.

The Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Mrs. Cecilia Abena Dapaah, said most Ghanaians choose to consume sachet or bottled water as a personal choice.

She stated that GWCL’s pipe-borne water was one of the finest sources of drinking water, with pH values greater than the WHO norm of 6.5–8.5.

She further claimed that 90% of sachet and bottled water came from the GWCL.

“I said in a meeting that we don’t sell sachet water in Nigeria, but it’s true. It is not available in Nigerian villages and hamlets,” Mrs. Dapaah remarked.

In fact, Ghana Water provides some of the greatest drinking water in the world, with pH values sometimes exceeding WHO requirements.

So, our supply is okay, but we’ve all gotten into the bottled and sachet water stuff.

The concept of sachet water dominating drinking water is a choice in Nigeria. No one should be compelled to drink tap water, it is a personal choice, and 90% of the water used for this package comes from Ghana Water Company Limited, others utilize springs and wells, but we as a country provide one of the greatest sources via Ghana Water.

Credit: GHBase



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