Drama As Wife Forgot To End Call With Husband While Being Chopped By Boyfriend

A man from Kakamega town caught his wife of 22 years red-handed cheating with her secret lover in their matrimonial bed.

Popularly known as Mitch, the man has been in a commuter marriage with his wife who works as a nurse in Kisumu County.

The man called his wife and surprisingly, that was the time she was entertaining her secret lover in bed.

But after saying goodbye, she forgot to disengage and thus the phone kept on transmitting the heavy moans they produced as they targeted to hit the ninth cloud.

Mitch found it odd and recorded whatever was going on but his wife denied the allegations after he confronted her.

Cynthia and Mitch got married in 1996 under Luhya Customary Laws.

He said the marriage hit a rock when Cynthia got a job as a nurse making her desert their matrimonial house and began having extramarital affairs. By the time he married Cynthia, the woman had only attained secondary education and he decided to enrol her for a certificate and later a diploma courses in nursing.

Upon completing her studies, Cynthia secured employment with the Ministry of Health and was posted in Kisumu.

However, Mitch’s concern was that his bae became withdrawn from the marriage and never visited their matrimonial home as often.

The aggrieved hubby sought the intervention of herbalist Mwikali Kilonzo who unleashed her dreaded spell famed for busting cheating partners. Cynthia’s forty days of cheating eventually hit dawned as the two love birds were found in Mitch’s Kisumu house stuck in bed and wailing in agony.

Credit: harrygraphic