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Dr. Oko Boye clarifies role as President Akufo-Addo’s representative at Ministry of Health

Ghana's Minister of Health, Dr. Bernard Oko Boye, has provided clarity regarding his appointment as the representative of the President at the Ministry of Health.

Addressing the issue during his inaugural visit to various healthcare facilities, including the Covid-19 Treatment Center and Nephrology and Urology Centers at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Dr. Oko Boye emphasized the importance of ensuring continuity and direction in vital sectors such as health.

In his statement, Dr. Oko Boye highlighted the necessity for clear leadership to prevent any lapse in critical areas like healthcare.

He underscored that his role as the President's representative is in accordance with the Constitution, which grants the President the authority to appoint representatives across key sectors.

While acknowledging his reticence to publicize his designation, Dr. Oko Boye affirmed his commitment to fulfilling his mandate effectively.

Prior to his appointment, Dr. Oko Boye revealed that discussions with the President focused on three key objectives: enhancing existing healthcare services, ensuring transparency and communication with the public regarding health initiatives, and fostering collaboration with stakeholders within the sector.

He emphasized the importance of involving healthcare professionals in decision-making processes to promote a sense of inclusivity and appreciation.

During his visit to the healthcare facilities, Dr. Oko Boye recognized the pivotal role of tertiary institutions like the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in shaping the nation's healthcare landscape.

He acknowledged the significant daily patient influx and emphasized the need for continuous improvement to enhance healthcare delivery nationwide.

Dr. Oko Boye assured healthcare workers of the government's unwavering support and pledged to address challenges within the sector.

Dr. Oko Boye reiterated his commitment to fulfilling his responsibilities as the President's representative at the Ministry of Health.

He expressed optimism about the prospects of improving healthcare services in Ghana and called for collective efforts to achieve this goal.

On his part, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Teaching Hospital, Dr. Opoku Ware Ampomah, expressed profound gratitude for being the Minister of Health's primary choice for the hospital's first official visit.

This gesture not only underscores the Minister's personal dedication to advancing tertiary care but also highlights the government's renewed focus on revitalizing the healthcare sector, which has often faced neglect in the past.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of his predecessor, Dr. Ampomah commended Dr. Bernard Oko Boye's pioneering initiatives during his tenure as board chairman.

Under Dr. Boye's leadership, significant strides were made in governance reforms, ensuring accountability, and transparency within the institution.

Dr. Ampomah outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at addressing both infrastructural and operational challenges at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Recognizing the hospital's rich history spanning a century, he unveiled a series of initiatives to celebrate its centenary milestone.

These initiatives, he stressed encompass a broad spectrum of activities aimed at improving customer care, leadership, emergency preparedness, and infrastructure.

With a staff complement exceeding 7,000 professionals and catering to thousands of patients daily, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for patients not only from Ghana but also from across the West African sub-region.

Dr. Ampomah emphasized the hospital's commitment to delivering high-quality care to all patients, regardless of their geographical location or financial status.

Building on the foundation laid by previous leadership, Dr. Ampomah highlighted four thematic areas guiding the hospital's strategic direction: stakeholder satisfaction, financial stewardship, internal processes, and capacity building.

These areas, he noted, will serve as the cornerstone for the hospital's five-year development plan, aimed at further elevating its status as a premier healthcare institution.

With a focus on high-end medical services such as cochlear implants, brachytherapy, and kidney transplants, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is poised to revolutionize healthcare delivery in Ghana.

Dr. Ampomah expressed optimism about the hospital's future and called for collaborative efforts from stakeholders to ensure its continued success.

With a clear vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Ampomah and his team are poised to lead the hospital towards a brighter future, where cutting-edge medical care is accessible to all.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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