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"Don’t Be Pressured To Have Multiple Children Without A Plan" - Rama Brew Advises Mothers

The Mothers’ Day edition of Today’s Woman was a mother and daughter affair between the host Michelle Attoh and ace actress Rama Brew.

Rama Brew admonished young mothers not to feel pressured to give birth to multiple children without adequately planning for them.

In an interview with the host of Today’s Woman Michelle Attoh on TV3, Sunday, May 9, she spoke about the numerous pressures on mothers today. Work, family, and society that demand a lot from women, especially young mothers. Thus pushing them to the brink of anxiety and stress.

Rama said, ‘So if you are a young mother that has just got married, and you have one child. What is the hurry to have a second, and a third, and a fourth when you are not financially stable enough to carry that burden?

”Having a child is a 20-year project and beyond. So if you have a first child, it will be wise to save your money, have that child, prepare and lay the foundation for future children. When you have them back to back, who are you going to blame? I mean, then you are stretching yourself thin. The children will get sick if they are not eating well. They will be stressed out depending on the dynamics between your husband and yourself. It is a mote of the bomb that is going to explode.

She said young mothers get stressed because they are trying to please too many people.

They begin to lose themselves, and unfortunately, it’s the children that bear the brunt of it.

Rama Brew restated that until you are ready for marriage or children, do not go in for it.

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