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Deputy Lands Minister calls for peaceful coexistence between communities along Ghana/Togo Boundary

The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, responsible for Lands and Forestry, Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio has urged communities residing along the Ghana/Togo Boundary lines to prioritize peace and foster good neighbourliness irrespective of the side of the boundary they belong.

He admonished that rather than being barriers, the international boundary line should serve as a bridge for promoting economic and social growth in the communities.

Adding that "Ghana and Togo have always maintained good standing relations through mutual respect, shared cultural and social beliefs, and the need to jointly safeguard the peace and stability of both countries"

The Deputy Lands Minister was speaking at the Joint Ghana/Togo Community Sensitization at Agortime-Kpetoe on Thursday, 4th May, 2023, when he explained that the gathering seeks to educate and inform all stakeholders on the need to maintain the common boundaries shared between the two countries and seek support, as custodians of the areas where boundaries are located.

In his speech, he pointed out that the joint community sensitisation programme is not a new one but rather part of a series of sensitisation programmes being undertaken jointly by Ghana and Togo.

"Around same time last year, Phase One of this programme was successfully launched at Aflao and Akanu in the Ketu North District; and today, the two Boundary Commissions are here to continue with this important exercise" he clarified.

"The fact remains that most of the boundary markings that define the land boundaries between Ghana and Togo have been displaced due to several factors such as erosion, tampering or outright removals. Effects of these have been the eruption of conflicts in many communities along the international boundary line" he continued.

He opined that the management of the common boundary is a shared responsibility, while urging that "ensuring that boundary markers are in good shape does not reside in the Ghana Boundary Commission and the Land Boundary Commission of Togo alone but rather every person seated here today has a role to play; and this is why every member here is being involved in the reaffirmation exercise through this sensitisation programme."

He utilised the opportunity to commend both Commissions for their dedication towards ensuring the proper management and safeguarding of the Ghana/Togo land boundary, while encouraging them to continue with the good work.

He also extended gratitude on behalf of the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor to the leaders and people of all communities along the Ave Dakpa - Wli Afegame stretch, saying that the overwhelming representation from the two sides clearly demonstrates their commitment for ensuring the success of the joint Ghana/Togo reaffirmation exercise (to be conducted) and indeed, the proper management of the common boundary between Ghana and Togo.

Hon. Owusu-Bio entreated the traditional rulers, opinion leaders, and residents living along the International boundary line to accord members of the joint Ghana/Togo Land Boundary Reaffirmation Technical Committee maximum support and cooperation.

He asked that they receive them as one of their own, be proactive in identifying issues regarding the boundary line and communicate with them freely.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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