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Dakpema Palace Fines Actor Bashiru Aborimaham For Having Sex With Married Woman

The Dakpema Palace in Tamale has fined popular actor Bashiru Aborimaham Ghc 5,000 , a ram and three fowls for having sexual encounters with a married woman for a movie role.

The actor was summoned to the Palace following a formal complaint of adultery by Mr Nantogma, the spouse of the actress. Aborimaham was fined after he admitted to multiple sexual affair with the married woman (name withheld) before Nyeb Dakpema Fusieni Bawa and his elders on Thursday, 25th March, 2021.

It also emerged that the accused and the complainant are friends.

The Palace noted such act is alien to Dagbon Customs and Traditions and those who engage in it should not go unpunished.

Bashiru Aborimaham rendered an unqualified apology to Mr Nantogma for any harm caused to his marriage and family.

He also promised to keep a distance from Mr Nantogma’s wife.

However, the actor is expected to settle the charges on Saturday, 27th March, 2021.

According to Tamale Entertainment Chief, Dema-Naa Musah, failure to present those items to the Palace will attract corporal punishment before the public.

He stressed the actor will be banned from acting if he fails to settle the charges.

Chief Musah also added this deter others from engaging in such ungodly act.

Credit: African Entertainment



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