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Couple Carjacked While Having Sex At The Backseat Of Their Car (VIDEO)

A couple was left stranded and without clothes in the streets, after they were carjacked while having sex in the backseat of their car. Though the incident happened in August in Brazil, the video which captured it all started trending this September. The video shows three robbers approaching a white sedan that is parked on the roadside. In an instant, the robbers started knocking violently on the windows demanding for the vehicle occupants to open the doors. The left back door then opens before two of the robbers help themselves with the front doors to occupy the car. From the backdoor, a stark naked man and woman are seen frantically coming out of the vehicle as the third robber moves in to occupy their seats. Before the car takes off, the robbers throw the couple’s clothes at them leaving the distraught love birds with a little more dignity. Watch the video below...




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