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"Containers at Tema Port contains only mosquito nets, not essential TB/HIV drugs" - Health Ministry

The Health Ministry has clarified that the containers held at Tema Port do not contain essential drugs for Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS, countering claims made by the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations.

According to the Ministry's Public Relations Officer, Isaac Offei, the containers in question hold only mosquito nets.

Speaking on an Accra-based radio station, Mr. Offei emphasized, “We have only mosquito nets at the port and not HIV and TB drugs. HIV and TB drugs were cleared last April.”

He assured that the Ministry is working to clear the remaining mosquito nets by next week, highlighting their importance in preventing malaria.

This clarification follows concerns about a looming health crisis, as the Global Fund has threatened to halt funding to Ghana by the end of June 2024 if the government fails to clear approximately 120 containers of essential drugs currently at the port.

Since April, the government has managed to clear about 60 of these containers, with the remaining ones part of a $40 million donation from the Global Fund.

Despite Mr. Offei's assurances, the Coalition of CSOs, led by Mr. Ernest Ortsin, disputes the Ministry's claims, calling them false and an insult to Ghanaians.

The Coalition plans to proceed with a picketing event on June 25, citing a critical shortage of TB medications in health facilities, which have been rationing these medications since May 2023.

The situation has led to significant concerns about patient care, as delays in clearing essential medical supplies continue to affect those in urgent need.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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