“Consider Offering BSc In Engineering In Your Various Institutions” – Dr. Adutwum To Council/Board

The Minister for Education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum has hinted that the various Tertiary Institutions in the country can churn out more talents if they consider switching from Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) to Bachelor of Science in Engineering as part of their programmes.

According to Dr. Adutwum, the introduction helps takes away the stereotype and makes them competitive.

Speaking at the inauguration of governing councils and board in Accra, he said “I want to see students coming to you as their first point of call, doing Engineering in Ghana and not a situation where they are not coming to you because they got stuck at Tech in Natural Resources, they applied to you and they didn’t give them Engineering”

He added that despite majoring in Land Economics, he sees something unique about Engineering which many Technical Universities must take into consideration.

“We have about 6,500 Engineers coming out every year, our population is 30 million, we look at countries like Vietnam, 90 million population and they produce 100,000 Engineers every year, that is why every company wants to go to Vietnam”

He hinted that for Ghana to be competitive, it needs to produce 33,000 Engineers who have acquired the skills and are ready for the market.


Dr. Adutwum reminded the governing council of the Kumasi Technical University that his outfit is in support of their efforts and will continue to throw its weight behind them.

“Kumasi Technical University is uniquely positioned to bring about the transformation that we all seek in the country,” he said.

He told the governing council that he was aware of the new campus adding the Ministry of Education will be them to see how best they can move the project forward.


“See yourselves as truly a rep of the University and begin to work together so that you can bring out transformation at your institution”

He charged the governing council to support its Vice-Chancellor, Chair, Institution and begin to understand that Technical Universities were established for a purpose.

“If we still have majority Accounting students, then you begin to take a look at it. I want you to be much interested in instructions, teaching, and learning just as you are for promotions”

“I want you to know that we are going to support you and are going to ensure that Technical Universities live true to their name. We understand that there have been some restraints in course approval, GTEC is going to support fully.


The Minister of Education charged the governing council to see the need of making Engineering one of the most loved and accepted courses in the University.

He tasked Institutions not to look down on students who obtain ‘D7’ adding that giving them the opportunity will unravel their true hidden self.

He stressed that President Akufo-Addo is keen on the total transformation of Ghana’s education space.

“Do away with tribal quarrels and work together as a team. You no longer represent CHASS of which you challenge the Vice-Chancellor, rather, you have to side with him, for the progress of Education in Bolga.

GHANA LIBRARY AUTHORITY He reminded the governing board that the future of the country lies in the hands of the Ghana Library Authority.

He tasked the GLA to ensure that there is enough books for students to read and also help in their research.

Dr. Adutwum justified that a Tertiary Institution without a library is one not worth recognizing.


Dr. Adutwum reminded the council to have an admission office that will allow Junior High and Primary students to tour and have a feel of what University is all about.

“Do a summer program and invite the neighboring school and they will come to you. I am ready to work with you and help remove every obstacle. Going forward, you will be allowed to do BSc Engineering and no longer B-Tech”

Introducing this will help Tamale Technical University have a unique point that will make it stand out among its peeps.

Our gross ratio is 18.8% which is the best in Sub-Saharan but not impressive on the world stage.

He charged them to focus on creating a high legacy in the Institution.

The various Chairperson thanked the Minister and President Akufo-Addo for the opportunity.

They promised not to let the Government down.

The Chairperson stressed that they will do away with tribalism and quarrels among one another. are in charge of the contents adding that it has to be mindful of how it will be delivered.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith