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"Churches Should Develop Manuals To Educate Children About LGBTQI+ In Sunday Sch" – Bishop S. Mensah

President of the Full Gospel Church International, Bishop Samuel Noi Mensah says it’s high time the church developed manuals to educate children in Sunday Schools on the activities of the LGBTQI community.

Speaking on JoyNews’ program “A Walk With Jesus”, he indicated the initiative will help Christian children know the difference between right and wrong.

According to Bishop Mensah, the reality of the activities of the LGBTQI community has dawned on the church and it tells the kind of problems the church is going to face.

He added that now is the time for the Church Councils to sit down and formulate manuals and training that will educate children from Kindergarten to Senior High School level about the challenges of these social issues and the activities of the LGBTQI community.

“While the church is fighting to ensure that there is a law, the church would also develop these training materials, so that in our Sunday school departments, we would start teaching the children that in the beginning, God created a male and female but when you go to the outside world, they are saying a male can become a female and a female can become a male”. The President of the Full Gospel Church International is convinced that although the clergy is teaching the right word from the pulpit, it needs to teach it academically so the children will understand what the Bible teaches.

Bishop Mensah also reiterated that parents must also partake in the education of their children about the reality of the activities of the LGBTQI community and not shirk their responsibilities to only teachers.

The executive member of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), believes that the church is still the conscience of the nation because if not for the church, there would be a lot of evil and moral decadence.

Bishop S. N Mensah is happy the church is putting pressure on the government through MPs to ensure there’s a definite law to spell out the fact that same-sex marriage is not accepted in our country.




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