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CHRISTMAS EVE/CAROL SERVICE: "Emulate The Life Of Joseph, He Was An Honest Man" - Rev'd Fr. E. Quao

The Assisting Parish Priest at the St. Andrew Anglican Church, Abossey Okai, Rev'd Fr. Emmanuel Obed Quao has challenged parishioners to emulate the exemplary life of Joseph, the father of baby Jesus.

According to him, Joseph in the bible was an honest man thus the need for parishioners to take a cue from his life.

Delivering a sermon during a Christmas Eve/Carol Service at tge Pro Cathedral, he said "Joseph was an honest man. He had no malice in him. He was sincere to the core"

"He did not want to humiliate his wife publicly. According to scriptures, although Mary's situation did not make sense to him at that instance, he remained calm and sought the face of the Lord"

Rev'd Fr. Emmanuel Obed Quao ceased the opportunity to appeal to the youth to refrain from broadcasting every information about themselves on social media.

"I can imagine if any of us were to be in Joseph's shoes, we would have done or said things which were not necessary. We would have posted things on Facebook and also on our statuses. We must refrain from that"

He further described Joseph as obedient adding that he never doubted or challenged the power of God.

"The first character of Joseph, we can find is obedience: After Joseph received the revelation, he obeyed the will of God to the latter. The word of God came to him. Joseph was obedient to the core.

He pleaded with parishioners to cultivate the habit of self control to avoid being hit with unnecessary problems.

"Joseph was able to control himself. He and Mary did not consummate. Many of us cannot wait because we lack the spirit of self control"

The Carol Service saw some members from the various guilds taking turns to read the scriptures.

The mass was climaxed with stunning performances from the Melodies singing group and the church choir.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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