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"Christians can listen to circular music if lyrics teaches good deeds" - Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Veteran gospel group, Daughters of Glorious Jesus have encouraged Christians to listen to gospel music and other genres that can impact them positively.

The trio of songbirds comprising Cynthia Appiadu, Edna Sarpong, and Monica Owusu Ansah made the remarks when they appeared as guests on United Showbiz with MzGee.

These comments come on the back of Rev Moses Ok‘s comments on Onua TV cautioning Christians to avoid listening to secular music.

According to the Reverend Minister, the lyrics of the songs we listen to are inspired by spirits hence the need for people to listen to songs that have the spirit of God, which is Gospel music.

“You can’t listen to any song as a believer, emphasizes good Christians. I’m not talking about those who just call themselves Christians, I’m talking about those who have the spirit of God in them,” he revealed.

However, taking a different standpoint from the ‘Ene me nko’ singer, the award-winning music group said people were allowed to listen to different genres of music as long as it was beneficial and compelled them to do good.

“It is God who gives talent. As a Christian, you can listen to secular songs; even their lyrics can touch you and compel you to do the right thing. The gift is from God,” Edna a member of the group asserted"

“I like Amakye Dede’s songs, and I like him. This doesn’t make me a non-believer. You don’t judge people’s outlooks and determine whether the person is a Christian or not. That I am playing Amakye Dede in my car doesn’t mean I am not a Christian.”

Monica Owusu Ansah who is also the wife of Bishop Dr Yaw Owusu Ansah agreed with the submission adding that she and her husband were fans of Kojo Antwi.

“Some of Kojo Antwi’s songs give good counsel. He sings love songs. If you are married and listen to some of those songs with your husband, isn’t it a good feeling? Because Kojo Antwi also goes to church,” Mrs Owusu Ansah pointed out.

Credit: 1GhanaTv



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