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Celestine Donkor apologizes for controversial remarks about Ewe surnames

Renowned Gospel singer Celestine Donkor has issued a heartfelt apology following controversial comments she made about Ewe surnames during a recent TV3 interview.

The remarks, intended as a light-hearted joke, quickly sparked a backlash on social media, with many accusing Donkor of mocking the Ewe culture.

The incident occurred during an interview on the show "Today’s Woman" with host Cookie Tee, whose real name is Shirelly Emma Tibilla.

In a casual conversation, Donkor joked about her own Ewe surname, expressing a desire for a husband with a 'lighter' surname to avoid the so-called 'heavy' Ewe names common in her culture.

Cookie Tee agreed, adding that she also preferred not to marry someone with a difficult-to-pronounce Ewe name.

However, these comments did not sit well with many viewers. Social media quickly erupted with criticism, accusing both Donkor and Cookie Tee of making insensitive and derogatory remarks about Ewe names and, by extension, the Ewe heritage.

In response to the widespread criticism, Celestine Donkor posted an apology video on her social media accounts on May 15, 2024. In the video, she expressed deep regret for her statements and reaffirmed her pride in her Ewe heritage.

“I granted an interview on Today’s Woman on TV3, and when I discovered the host Cookie Tee is an Ewe, I just got excited, and we started joking about the heaviness of our Ewe surnames. It was just a joke that came up in a conversation,” Donkor explained. “To my surprise, from all the comments I’ve read so far, it turns out to be a bad joke, an expensive joke. And who am I? I’m just human. Most of the time, when we go on these interviews, as much as we have a pure heart and a clear mind, it’s not everything you say that will be pleasing to somebody, and so I’m sorry.”

Donkor emphasized her deep respect and love for the Ewe language, describing it as a spiritual language spoken in heaven. She urged her followers to see the incident as a learning experience and expressed gratitude for their constructive feedback.

“This will in no way tarnish my pride as an Ewe. I have proven over the years in my music journey that I am a very, very proud Ewe. And absolutely nothing is going to change that fact. Anyone who has truly followed me knows that I’m very proud of it,” she continued.

“With love and respect to all of you, I take all the comments in good faith. I interpret them as an expression of your love. Those who love you are those who correct you when you’re wrong. So thank you so much and I’ll keep doing my best.”

The apology video has since garnered widespread attention, with many appreciating Donkor’s sincerity and willingness to address the issue head-on. As the conversation around cultural sensitivity continues to evolve, Donkor’s response serves as a reminder of the importance of thoughtful and respectful discourse.

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