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Captain Smart quits Onua TV

The popular broadcaster Captain Smart has announced his departure from Onua TV, where he has been hosting the Maakye Show since June 2021.

He made the announcement during his live morning show presentation, thanking his audience and colleagues for their support and love.

Captain Smart said he was leaving Onua TV to pursue new challenges and opportunities in the media industry, without revealing his next destination.

He said he was grateful for the experience and exposure he gained at Onua TV, which is owned by Media General.

He also said he was proud of his achievements and contributions to the Maakye Show, which is a flagship programme that covers current affairs, social issues, and entertainment.

He said he was always committed to serving the interests and needs of the youth and the nation.

“Let me thank those who I leave them behind. You’ve all done well. From security to drivers. And well and today I want to Bow respectfully and say bless all of you. But for you, we will not get here. It is because of you, we are where we are today. A lot of people do not understand my speed. You may not actually understand me, until you hear my very loud silence, then you would appreciate that how we wish he was here or he were here"

"I leave when the Applause is loud. Let me thank you all for your Indulgence for your passion your compassion your empathy every thing put together that you wake up every other morning to come listen tome once again let me thank the management of media general for containing me my speed is always supersonic is always supersonicI am a fixer I fix I make sure the dead will rise. I always make sure, that what is spoiled, the station that is dead and nothing can be done about it, that is where I bring it up. So thank you all Ghanaians. We have done enough. Someone should come and continue,” he said.

Captain Smart joined Onua TV in June 2021, after resigning from Angel TV and radio, where he had worked for four years.

He also started his own television station, dubbed Smart TV, which has attracted a large following on social media.

Captain Smart is known for his outspoken and fearless style of journalism, which often lands him in trouble with the authorities and some politicians.

He has been suspended and arrested several times for his comments and criticisms on various national issues.

He is also known for his philanthropic and humanitarian activities, such as donating to the needy, supporting the education of the underprivileged, and advocating for social justice and good governance.

Captain Smart’s departure from Onua TV has sparked mixed reactions from his fans and followers, who have expressed their sadness, disappointment, admiration, and curiosity.

Some have wished him well in his future endeavours, while others have urged him to reveal his next move.

Source: The Independent Ghana



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