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Burna Boy Chills With Wizkid Amidst Burns And Davido Bruhaha (Video)

Not too long ago Burna Boy deleted all pictures of his fiancée “Steflon Don” on his Instagram page and it created the impression that they are no more.

This video depicts Burna is really a showbiz dude who is more creative and loves controversy as well. While everyone was thinking otherwise he surprised his fans with some videos of himself and his supposed “ex” to prove to the world that he’s got his “babe” no matter what hence their love story ain’t over yet.


With the look of things, I bet Burna fought with Davido because of the connection he’s got for Wizkid and this should tell u there’s still a feud between Wizkid and Davido.

Or is it that they want attention but one can boldly say they’ve grown past attention but here lies the case they just called for one and trust me everyone talked about it and that’s a plus for them. To me, Showbiz without Beefing is “wack”.


See video and pictures below:

Story by: Mandy Woods

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