#BugsBunnyChallenge Hits 117.7M Views On Tik Tok (Videos)

Social media platform, Tik Tok is in the news again after a new crazy challenge, #BugsBunnyChallenge has gotten over 117.7M people around the world partaking in it.

Tik Tok, since its introducing on the social media space has helped users find new ways of having fun and releasing stress.

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ThinkNews Online has gathered that the #BugsBunnyChallenge allows a participant to lay her stomach flat on the bed or floor with their feet raised a bit higher over their heads leaving the individual to have bunny-like ears.

The participant is then tasked to move her feet like a pair of flopping bunny ears, before raising their butts above their heads.

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Checks reveals that as at Thursday, March 25, the #BugsBunnyChallenge tag has 117.7 million views worldwide.

It is emerging that track is titled on TikTok as “самый грязный заяц” (translated in English to “The Dirtiest Hare”).

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It is actually a slowed-down remix of a 2018 Russian song — “Гучи” by Timati featuring Egor Kreed — which translates to “Gucci,” according to The Edinburgh Evening News.

The #BugsBunnyChallenge video is expected to last for 6seconds

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According to Google translate, the part of “Gucci” used for the challenge, which begins at about 1:48, is Я самый грязный заяц (я!) — Багз Банни/Кидаю деньги в сауне (а!) — баксы в бане/Мешаю Ментос с Колой, (пш-пш!) по приколу,” which translates in English to: “I’m the dirtiest hare (me!) — Bugs Bunny/Throwing money in the sauna (ah!) — bucks in the bath/I mix Mentos with Coke, (psh-psh!) for fun.”

Below are some #BugsBunnyChallenge videos:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith