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BORTIANOR: Probe killing of suspected land guards, says Bureau of Public Safety

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) is demanding a full-scale independent investigation into the alleged killing of suspected armed land guards at Bortianor, a suburb of Accra.

Five people suspected to be land guards have been killed following an anti-robbery and land guard operation in the suburb.

A statement issued on Sunday (11 June) by BPS said it doubts the police statement detailing account of the incident, hence the call for the probe.

“The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has received with shock another police operation, this time at Bortianor, a suburb in the Greater Accra Region where five persons suspected to be armed robbers/land guards were killed in an alleged shootout with the police.

“While the BPS is concerned about the activities of land guards and armed robbers, a subsequent press statement issued on June 10, 2023, by the police detailing accounts of events leading to the killing of five suspects has raised more questions than answers, casting doubt on the police’s modus operandi under such circumstances, procedures, and use of force.”

“Consequently, the BPS calls for an immediate and independent investigation into the June 8,2023 incident at Bortianor. The trust and confidence of the public in law enforcement are essential, and it is paramount that any concerns regarding police actions are thoroughly examined by a neutral and objective body,” the BPS statement said.

Below is the full statement:


According to the police, the suspects have been terrorising residents and homeowners in Bortianor and nearby communities.

A statement issued by the police on Saturday (10 June), said they are pursuing the remaining suspects some of whom have sustained gunshot injuries.

“On 8 June 2023, the police conducted an operation targeting criminal elements involved in robbery and languard activities. These individuals had been terrorising residents and landowners in Bortianor and nearby communities.”

“Upon spotting the approaching police team, the suspects opened fire from their hideout, prompting the police to return fire. As a result, five of the suspects were injured and later pronounced dead at the hospital. The remaining suspects fled the scene and are still on the run,” the statement said.

The police have, however, appealed to residents in the area to report any individual with gunshot wounds who may be seeking medical treatments.

Credit: Asaase Radio

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