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"Be More Favourable Toward The Police" - DCOP Kwesi Ofori To Media

The Outgone Director-General, Public Affairs Directorate, DCOP Samuel Kwesi Ofori has appealed to the media to be more favourable to the police in their various reportage.

According to him, the media should use their platform to talk about the good things the police service is doing and not always hammer on the ba ones.

Speaking a pull-out ceremony held for him at the National Police Training School in Accra, he said "Be more favourable toward police. Support us in our campaigns and be balanced in media narratives about policing,”

DCOP Kwesi Ofori also appealed to the public to throw its support behind the Dampare administration.

He stressed that the massive support will not only help reduce robbery but also curb it to its minimum.

He appealed to the men and women in the uniform to respect the profession and work not only to their interest but that of tye nation.

DCOP Kwesi Ofori is said to have served for 31 years.

The outgone Director-General rose through the mill and made it to his current position before retirement.

Ij his speech DCOP Kwesi pleaded with the general public to work hand-in-hand to ensure peace and security in the country.

"You need to demand of us because you deserve the best from us, but you also need to understand the incredible pressures we face as police officers.”

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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