"Be careful of Fraudsters Posing As Me On Facebook" - Yvonne Okoro

Ghanaian/Nigerian Actress, Yvonne Okoro is asking the public to be careful of fraudsters using her picture and name for fraudulent activities on Facebook.

According to her, these fraudsters are using the account for lots of dubious means adding the public should be on the alert in dealing with thieves.

She said "One of such fake pages, she indicated, is the Facebook page with 200k likes which bears her name and her profile photo. The account has currently been posting news stories about Ghanaian celebrities and adverts"

The Celebrated Actress revealed one of those facebook page has eight different individuals handling it adding six are Ghanaians whiles two from the United Kindgom.

She said “I get calls from people about stuff on those accounts but it's not from me. I don't know anything about those pages. Those doing that should stop it,”

Thinknewsonline.com is learning that aside Yvonne Okoro, there are other Ghanaian Celebrities facing same problems on various social media platforms.

She explained that the fraudsters use the exact details of the celebrities thereby confusing their followers to believe it is them.

"I have only two accounts; a personal page and fan page. My personal page has a video of myself and comedian Kalybos as its profile whiles the fan page has 164k likes" she said

Source: Joshua Kwabena Smith