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Ayeyi Ndwom 2022 Concert Unveils Interest And Attraction Of Ghanaians Towards Choral Music (VIDEOS)

Ayeyi Ndwom 2022, one of Ghana's favorite choral concerts, has unveiled the interest and excitement of Ghanaians towards choral music.

The grand concert which took place on last Sunday at the National Theatre saw lots of people trooping listen and entertain themselves.

The occasion was graced by a number of skilled gospel artists, various choral groups, and other players in the entertainment industry.

In furtherance, the show put so many smiles and joy in the hearts of the audience, with the help of the melodious symphonies performed at the concert.

The reactions from the audience announced that they were impressed by the organization of the event and the performance of the various performers.

Speaking with several individuals who were present at the show, they disclosed that they wished the performance would never ended.

However, they confessed their anticipation of the subsequent concert which is to take place, next year.

Watch the videos below:

Story by: Stephanie Nana Yaa Anim



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