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"Assemblies Must Make By-Laws On Sanitation Friendly For Easy Implementation" - Dan Botwe (PICS)

The Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Decentralization (MLGRD), Dan Kwaku Botwe has admonished the various assemblies to make their by-laws on sanitation friendly to ensure a smooth implementation.

According to him, making the bylaws friendly is the best way to make enforcing it easy for the purpose at which the bylaws are enacted will be achieved.

The Minister who is also the MP for Okere was speaking to the media during his site visit to Zoomlion Ghana Limited's waste recycling sites and Sewage Waste treatment sites in Accra on Friday.

He said "The laws are made for the people and there is a need for the assemblies to make them friendly which he says will make cleaning and deposure of the liquid and solid waste easy"

He, therefore, expressed satisfaction in the work that was being done at the treatment sites by Jospong Group of Companies.

The Minister stressed that the effort by Jospong will go a long way in helping clean and recycling of waste gather in the country.

"Much as we might be sanctioning people who go against the law, we should also make it easier for it to be obeyed"

He urged the Regional Ministers and Assemblies to make it easier for the people on even the tricycle to manufacture.

"The Assemblies must get the people to buy into the idea ans get community"

"I believe the citizens when well educated they will ensure their community is without filth"

He mentioned that Jospong Group of Companies has improved on what it does.

He commended the firm on the new plant installed.

He stressed that once Jospong Group goes by the tonnage of what they process and what is in the management services, it will the form increase in its capacity.

"The safety procedures and there is health regulations that they are expected to obey"

"They have the liquid waste and the solid waste and we have a management service agreement for the faecal treatment plant and solid waste"

"We are impressed with what we have seen and more of my technical men will be doing follow-ups"

"The Assemblies have bye-laws and but they can make the citizens aware of their new law and adhere to it."

On his part, the Head of Engineering at the Sewage System Ghana Limited under Jospong Group of Companies, ING Eric Amofa Sarkodie has expressed worry over the disposal of solid waste such as sanitary pads, shoes, diapers, etc into the toilet sewage system.

He noted that it makes their work very difficult causing them lots of money to segregate it.

He called for change in attitude.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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