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ARISE GHANA DEMO: "You Can Arrest Me Later But Not When I Am In My Line Of Duty" - Joshua Akamba

One of the leaders of the Arise Ghana demonstrators, Joshua Akamba has replied the police saying they can arrest or invite him later but not when he is in his line of duty.

Mr. Akamba made these utterances after some police officers advised him to do away with a weapon he was alleged to be carrying among the demonstrators at El Wak.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Akamba said "For some reason, I suspect a foul play because you saw the way they came to me; one person could have come and I have heard that they want to arrest us so I suspect that it is a game that they will get people"

He also said "Even me; I will resist that oppressor now. You can come and arrest me later on. You can invite me later on but not when I am in my line of duty, no; you can't"

He expressed worry saying Ghanaians cannot afford to buy fuel or even take care of their families under the Akufo-Addo administration.

"We had an agreement to picket at the presidency so if the police decide otherwise, what could they have done. The IGP was not there but his commissioners were all there, I was there too"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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