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"Anti LGBT+ Bill: Figure Yourself Out, Until Then Say Hi To Medikal For Me" – Sam George Jabs Sister

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo Prampram, Sam Goerge discharged his honourable robe as he dragged sister Derby and shamed her with her failed sexual relationship with Medikal. 

These digs were retaliation for attacking him over the anti-gay bill.

Yesterday, the MP for Ningo-Prampram celebrated his success on the Anti-LGBT+ Bill on Twitter.

Sam George wrote, “I have been overwhelmed by the massive support even here on a very ‘liberal’ platform like Twitter for our Bill on the LGBTQI+ menace.

Homosexuality is NOT a human right. It is a sexual preference. Preferences are not absolute or unregulated. We SHALL pass this Bill through.”

This did not sit well with numerous LGBT + sympathizers, including Sister Derby.

As an advocate for the minority group, Sister Derby replied to his tweets, describing him as a pervert with a backward mindset.

““You are only doing this to score political points, forgetting the harm you are causing queer folk. Tell us what else you will personally gain from passing this bill if not political points??? Shame on you!”

Hon. Sam Goerge has also replied to this confrontation by labelling her a failure using her music career and past sexual relationships as a reference point.

He wrote, “Hopefully when you figure out what genre of music you can succeed at, we can have a forward-looking conversation. Until then, say hi to @AmgMedikal for me. Cheers.”




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