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Another Tragic Incident As 14-Year-Old Boy Sets 10-Year-Old Boy Ablaze At Kasoa (Pictures)

Very sad news making rounds on social media and other online platforms from Kasoa has left many Ghanaians asking questions about what is actually wrong with some folks in the Kasoa enclave.

The sad news has triggered massive reactions among Ghanaians on social media and other online platforms.

There is a sad news of a 10-year-old boy who has been set ablaze by a 14-year-old boy.

This comes barely a week after 10-year-old boy was murdered by two teenagers. The two teenagers allegedly murdered the small boy with the aim of using him for money rituals.

This has triggered a debate on the need to place a ban on all activities of traditionalist and occults on our television screens.

Narrating the incidence to Afia Pokuah on UTV, Cynthia Amankwah, the mother of the 10 year young boy said her son went out to buy a shoe. She later saw her son returning home with flames of fire all over his body.

According to the boy, on his way to buy the shoe, he met the 14-year-old boy holding a small container which was allegedly containing petrol and threw it on the little boy and set him ablaze.

Fortunately, there were some kids playing around and allegedly came to the rescue of the innocent boy.

What motivated the young man to commit this heinous crime is yet to be disclosed as the culprit is yet to be arraigned before the law court.

There is something certainly wrong at Kasoa and the earlier it is tackled the better for the nation.

See pictures below:

Credit: Opera News



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