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All set for launch of Adwenpa Band to offer fresh live band experience

Adwenpa Band – an 11-piece Ghanaian afro pop, funk, highlife, reggae, pop, afro jazz band is set to capture live band lovers with the release of their ‘Enko Enja Me’ album.

The album which beautifully encapsulates the journey of Ghana’s Highlife music will be officially launched in July, at the Alliance Francaise, near Airport City.

The team will also inaugurate the band on the same day.

It will be a night of good music, an eclectic display of talent, performances from other top artistes in the industry, including Epixode, Trigmatic, among others.

The leader of Adwenpa Band, Daniel Antwi, promises that the night will be a celebration of Ghana’s rich musical heritage, showcasing the vibrancy and talent of Adwenpa Band.

He said the band will showcase their own songs, including tracks like “Nyame N’asem” and “Libilibi” from the upcoming album.

He stated that the debut album, consisting of eight captivating songs, reflects the collaborative efforts of the band members who decided to pool their experiences and talents to form a cohesive artistic unit.

According to Antwi, the size of Adwenpa Band sets it apart, featuring a diverse ensemble with brass, guitar rhythms, Conga percussions, Dondo, talking drum, vocals, trombone, shakers, and more.

He emphasized that experiencing such a large and dynamic band is a rarity in the country.

Antwi, who is also a bassist on the band, called for a resurgence of music bands in Ghana, citing iconic bands like Kwanpa Band and Santrophy working together to bring the vibrant culture of live bands alive.

Antwi envisioned a scenario where every pub hosts a band every Friday, creating a lively and exciting atmosphere for Ghanaians.

He emphasized that musicians are not wayward but well-educated individuals who play a crucial role in shaping both the enjoyable and challenging moments of our lives.

“We make music, and musicians are one group of people who can turn things around in the world,” he said.

Drawing a distinction between singers and instrumentalists, he clarified that while Kwame Eugene is a singer, a musician encompasses the instrumentalists who contribute significantly to the band’s sound.

Daniel Antwi urged the public to support live bands in Ghana, while proposing that government’s attention to the industry could create numerous job opportunities.

Credit: Zed Media



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