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For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Amen. Romans 3:23

I had mixed feeling yesterday, when I saw a video of the alleged money doubler or spiritualist popularly called Agradaa giving her life to christ. I almost shouted praise the Lord, But looking at the press conference to declare christ, i relaxed for a moment and asked myself who led her to christ?

Should I give praise to the police CID for adding evangelism and soul winning to their job, or you think I should go to "Heblews" ?

Sometimes I feel we joke too much in this country . We either fail to punish crime , make a joke of it, bring God in the picture and as we say in the local parlance "then case die".

Let me also be cautious and add that, I have no right to judge anyone who has been called by God. The how and the when of salvation depends solely on God. Grace abounds !!!

Having said this, I pray the law is not abused for or against anyone.

Unlike the MENZGOLD customers, her first test to her call to salvation may be justified like Zacchaeus, who gave back half of his wealth to those he scammed or over taxed !!!

I pray her acceptance speech from the call of God doesn't become just as a change of name or a new enterprise of doubling money in the name of God.

In Ghana, it appears God works faster than in any other country. Ones God has called her , the package will include prophecy, speaking and interpreting tongues, then the others will follow.

Let me be honest, as a Christian who respects other religions, I struggle or feel shy talking about some of these things, but many are already suffering and abused in the name of God and in the hands of spiritualists.

I wonder how people keep falling into the hands of scammers? When others are complaining, shouting and fighting, another group are queued in line, waiting for their turn.

The wheat and the weeds will continue to grow together until harvest time. Mathew 13:29

Before you start laughing out loud, and shouting religion is the opium of the masses, let me humbly add that, the wheat and the weeds are growing together everywhere. In your work places and in politics.

I meet people almost everyday who wants to be politicians, wants to be members of the communication team etc. I asked a few, what new things they are bringing on board, or what is motivating them? Many were solid, ready to raise the grade, while some may have seen the assets register of Eugene Arhin in his divorce brouhaha!!!

Sincerely all that glitters is not gold. In as much as there are few who have made serious wealth in politics, many are struggling after serving this nation with all they have. Some communicators you see nicely on your sets, struggle to appear. Not even a Pesewa in their pocket. Many are just convinced with the ideology they believe in and wants to see a change for a better future for all.

I wish Agradaa well in the christ she has found , but my caution ones again is that, the law that arrests jujumen, arrests Malams, arrests pastors, arrests fraudsters also arrests media men.

I may not be following her exploits in the miracle business but the law must!!!

I pray as a nation , that we are able to nip things in the bud before poor and innocent children suffer with their lives, peoples greed to make money.

I can only pray for better days ahead.

Kun Fa Yakun.

Credit: Godwin Ako Gunn, NDC.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the above write-up are solely that of the writer. will not be held accountable for any malicious content.

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