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AGLOW 2020: "There Will Be No Bloodshed On December 7" - Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie (Videos + Pictures)

The National Prayer Director of AGLOW, Madam Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie has hinted there will be no bloodshed before, during and after the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary election in Ghana.

According to Madam Dadzie, although the country's politics has taken a different twist, she is confident peace will prevail after the exercise.


Speaking on the theme: Push Till Something Happens; Psalms 55 vs 9, she said "The Lord is going to sound a warning to us. It is going to signify his voice. As we get to another face, the campaign will get heated. The Lord will see us through. There will be no bloodshed in this election"

The Prayer Director charged the membership of AGLOW Ghana to pray on behalf of all the regions across the country, asked God to take control and allow his Kingdom reign.


"Say a prayer for Electoral Commission, political parties, foot-soldiers and followers. Politicians, be ensure their speeches are devoid of lies. They must be truthful. Pray against indiscipline on our road, unnecessary speeding, okada riders are involved"

Madam Dadzie charged the media to be circumspect in their reportage.

Watch videos and pictures below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

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