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Africa Digital Economy Forum Announces Digital Economy Awareness Month Dubbed 'The New Norm'

The Africa Digital Economy Forum has announced the first ever Digital Economy Awareness Month (DEAM) slated for November across the globe.

The novel Digital Economy Awareness Month (DEAM) slated for the month of November themed “Digital Economy: The New Norm” is an initiative aimed at deepening digitization advocacy and its benefits to the global economy while also encourage early understanding and participation among youth.

DEAM 2022 is  all about sharing stories about how digital technology is changing our life style, businesses and family togetherness, it  is to encourage and embrace the use of technologies for fairer and a better future.

The need for organization to leverage the new wave of digitization and its opportunities has birthed the Digital economy month that will be held annually every November

According to the  CEO & Co-founder of the Africa Digital Economy Forum Mr. Akin Naphtal called for some aggressive moves from the youth in taking advantage of the digitization. 

He also urged stakeholders across the world to invest into the country’s youth through digitalization programmes and effective policy.

Akin Naphtal said , the awareness month provides an opportunity to create the much-needed campaign and deepen the conversation from youth engagement, skill development, regulatory framework and push for government and organization commitment toward a robust digital future by sharing of best practices among stakeholders to drive the importance of Digital economy.

"Through our in-house research we found out that most youths are unaware of what digital economy means and how they can be future ready, in the rural area this perception is rather worse.” he stated.

While some believe Digital economy is all about fintechs with most conversation being driven by the fintech community, it is time to develop a deeper understanding that will propel growth and drive inclusiveness in all sectors, from Agric to health, education – eLearning, aviation even politics and governance. “Mr. Naphtal added

"I encourage organizations to engage in this year’s campaign by sharing their own stories  The DEAM will be observed with a series of activities, all through month of November"

About ADEF

Africa Digital Economy Forum (ADEF) is a common platform for technology and service providers focusing on the transformative powers of Africa’s steadily growing and booming digital economy.

ADEF engages and collaborates with governments, private sector, academics, national and international bodies, etc, to promote frameworks to maximize the potential dividends of a thriving digital economy beneficial to all Africans.

ADEF is Committed to creating a strong strategic partnership to drive actualization of a robust Digital Africa.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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