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Adom TV journalist blasted for asking Christian Atsu's son ‘how does it feel?

A Female Journalist (Name withheld) who works with Adom TV, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group Limited has received series of bashing on social media for asking late Christian Atsu's son, 'how does it feel to lose?'.

The female journalist was trying to get a word or two from the little boy following the demise of his dad.

However, the move by the Journalist has received series of backlash on social media with many saying the question or conversation at that time and to the kid of such age was irrelevant.

The Adom TV reporter threw the question while the wife, kids as well as in-law of late Christian Atsu were making their way to sit at the VIP section provided to them at the funeral grounds.

The little boy, however smiled but ignored the question.

Late Christian Atsu was married to Marie-Claire Rupio with whom he had two sons and a daughter.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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