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ADJEN KOTOKU SHS: NCCE Holds Annual Citizenship Week Celebration (Video + Pictures)

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The National Commission Of Civic Education (NCCE) has today held its annual citizenship week celebration at the Adjen Kotoku Senior High School in the Ga West Municipal District in the Greater Accra Region.

According to the NCCE, the citizenship week will enable the students, understand and respect the views, values, cultural beliefs of others living in the country.

Leading the team, the Regional Director, Greater Accra Region (NCCE), Lucille Hewlett Annan said "We Are One, Ghana First. As part of our citizenship program, we educate you on the reasons why we should be good citizens. If you are a good citizen, you will protect the environment to avoid floods during rainy seasons, Here in Accra, when it rains, everywhere is flooded. It is not the activities of anyone but the way we dump our rubbish. So if you are a good citizen, you will segregate your waste"

She charged the students to be patriotic and respect the national symbols.

The Regional Director further explained that the national symbols of the country are the true identity of the citizenry.

"Now, if you are a good citizen, you will work hard. These days fraud boys and girls are all over, riding porshe car and using expensive gadgets, if they ask you to come and do their jobs for them and they pay you, you end up saying this business is good. Wait till they go and hack into your mother or father's account and withdraw all the money, that is when you will know that fraud is bad"

She challenged the students to study the constitution and know their rights adding it will help them pre-inform their decisions.

"We should learn to tolerate other people's views and opinions. We should know that if you are a good citizen, you will respect our national symbols, you do not see our national flag and walk on it. When you see our state sword, you should know that it belongs to us"

She charged the students to henceforth recite the national pledge with meaning and understanding adding that it is a prayer.

On his part, Dr. Ignatius Fenu, Assistant Head, Academics who represented the headmistress lauded the NCCE for celebrating citizenship week with the school.

He added that a continuous education from the NCCE will help nurture the students in becoming responsible citizens in the country.

He also thanked the NCCE for providing the constitution booklets to the school.

Dr. Fenu also mentioned that he was confident, his students will make the Municipality proud in their academics.

Some students who spoke to called on the NCCE to create an enabling environment for them to share their problems with the appropriate authorities.

The students later recited the national pledge to climax the occasion.

The NCCE also donated some pocket-sized constitution books to the school.

Watch the video and pictures below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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