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Access Bank donates GH₵100,000 to support UGMC’s in-patient clinical trials unit

Access Bank has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a substantial donation of GH₵100,000 to support the University of Ghana Medical Centre’s (UGMC) in-patient clinical trials unit.

Josephine Eva Arthur, the Zonal Head of Retail Banking at Access Bank, explained the rationale behind this generous contribution during a recent interview.

Madam Arthur emphasized that CSR is a core value at Access Bank.

“We believe that if the communities where we operate thrive, we are better off as a bank,” she stated.

According to Madam Arthur, this philosophy underpins Access Bank’s decision to support the development of health infrastructure in Ghana, particularly the clinical trials unit at UGMC.

"Access Bank’s contribution to UGMC is a testament to the bank’s holistic approach to corporate social responsibility, blending economic success with the betterment of society" she added

Prof. George Boateng Kyei, Director of the Medical and Scientific Research Centre at UGMC, expressed his gratitude to Access Bank for their generous support and called on other corporate entities in Ghana to contribute to this transformative initiative.

"Building this advanced clinical trials unit is crucial for integrating new methodologies to treat cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular conditions," Prof. Kyei stated.

"This kind of facility is unprecedented in Ghana and West Africa, where most clinical trials are typically conducted in Europe, America, and occasionally South Africa."

Prof. Kyei highlighted the challenges faced in the region, noting that pharmaceutical companies often hesitate to conduct trials in West Africa due to a lack of infrastructure.

"Pharmaceutical companies have told us that without the necessary facilities, they cannot conduct trials here. By establishing this unit, we eliminate that excuse and invite global companies to bring their trials to Ghana," he explained.

The new inpatient clinical trials unit will enable UGMC to perform sophisticated tests and treatments, particularly in the emerging field of precision medicine.

"Precision medicine requires analyzing samples from patients, such as cancer biopsies, to tailor treatments based on specific results.

This approach is replacing traditional chemotherapy, which often has widespread and severe side effects. However, we are currently being left behind because we lack the capability to conduct these tests," Prof. Kyei said.

With the support of Access Bank and other previous donors, UGMC is on its way to bridging this gap.

Prof. Kyei expressed deep appreciation for the contribution and emphasized the importance of local corporate support.

"We sincerely thank Access Bank for their forward-thinking generosity. We now call on all corporate entities in Ghana to emulate this exemplary gesture and support our efforts. By doing so, we can improve healthcare outcomes not just for Ghanaians, but for the entire region."

The establishment of the in-patient clinical trials unit at UGMC marks a critical milestone in the quest to bring advanced medical research and cutting-edge treatments to West Africa.

Prof. Kyei's call to action underscores the collective effort needed to make this vision a reality, ensuring that the West African sub-region does not lag behind in the rapidly evolving landscape of global healthcare.

On his part, Mr. Joojo Esua-Mensah, Chief Business Development Officer of IT Consortium Ltd. lauded Access Bank for their generosity and foresight.

“We are thrilled with Access Bank’s commitment,” he said.

“Their approval and swift action in contributing GH₵100,000 is a boost for the ongoing fund-raising campaign for the establishment of this important Unit at UGMC.”

Mr. Esua-Mensah highlighted the broader call for support, encouraging other corporate entities and individuals to contribute to this vital cause.

"We are asking our corporate clients and other potential donors to join us in this effort. Access Bank has set a commendable example, and we urge others to follow suit. Every contribution, no matter the amount, helps us build a stronger healthcare system for all.”

He also stressed on the ease and transparency of the donation process through the Chango platform.

"Anyone can go to on their phones, look for UGMC, and make a donation or simply dial *887*222# and follow the prompts. It's public and very transparent. Even if you can only give GH₵5, it makes a difference. The platform shows real-time updates of our fundraising progress, so you can see exactly how much has been raised.”

The Chango platform has been instrumental in mobilizing public support, providing a user-friendly interface for contributions and ensuring accountability.

Mr. Esua-Mensah noted.

"At the end of the day, we are building this Unit to help ourselves. You never know when you or a loved one might need these services" Mr. Ezua Mensah said.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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