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“A Role Of A Teacher Is Not Bad, Take Up The Profession, It’s A Calling, Good Thing” - Krowor MP

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Krowor Constituency, Agnes Naa Momo Lartey has charged the youth not to write off the teaching profession but rather venture into it and impact wisdom in the lives of others.

According to her, the role of a teacher is not bad adding that the youth should take up the profession since it is a calling and a good thing.

In an exclusive interview with at the Accra Metro East District’s 6th Quadrennial (53rd) District Delegates' Conference in Accra, she said “If you are able to read, if you are able to write, learn, or you are able to speak any other language, it is as a result of the efforts of a teacher. A role of a teacher is not bad. To take up the profession, it is a calling and a good thing”

The MP further hinted that persons who heed to the calling (teaching profession) do not get frustrated despite knowing that the profession is not going well.

“I will encourage them to take up teaching so that they can also in the area of learning and then others also come up. Applying in the same profession or other profession is good so that child who wants to be a teacher, should be the best teacher and not just get to the school and graduate”

She tasked the teachers to make sure they give out the best each day as they teach students.

“From where we are coming from, we are all aware when now a lot of concerns sent to us especially the lack of textbooks and other things, School-feeding not being of quality and not even done properly”

She stressed that the covid-19 pandemic has caused lots of problems adding that most pupils now rely on the computer and internet to do their works.

Deputy General Secretary, Administration and Labour Relations of GNAT, Daniel Afedu said “The teacher relevance is undebatable. Teachers are relevant. There is no curriculum, education effectively implemented to achieve its objective in shaping the life of the individual. The teacher, you are teaching the children, you are not only imparting knowledge but you are guiding the student to acquire knowledge and also to your own personality, you are a role model to the children, so we do a lot”

He also added that as a teacher, having the necessary tools to work with gives job motivation and satisfaction to the individual.

The Deputy General Secretary further explained that the relevance of the teacher in terms of security is one of the major problems yet to be dealt with.

Mr. Afedu cited a situation where a teacher was murdered by his own student adding that such behavior aside from it being unacceptable puts fear in the lives of the innocent teacher.

“At least teachers work in hard societies but this time you have attacked by their own students. I was until I took over this position, I was Eastern Regional Secretary for GNAT and a teacher was murdered in cold blood, so some of these issues leave one to think whether the teacher is relevant. We are very relevant but we feel that so many things are backsliding. As we have worked on our relevance, are we also building our capacity or knowledge base that we will be able to impact the knowledge as we are supposed to do?”

He further explained that teachers not being rewarded adequately has become the notion of people.

“Anytime we go on strike then it’s an issue we have spoken about. We understand the current dispensation, democratization, rule of late that you cannot wake up and we are even governed by our labor act. We have always been promised at the table that within one year, we will be sorted out but sometimes, it does not come”

“Yes, of course, we are saying that as currently, we have negotiated for collective gaining argument, some of us are feeling that we need to be respected. A teacher is entitled to what we call a transfer grant. When you are transferred from one place to the other, you are supposed to be paid”

Mr. Afedu argued that technology cannot take over the teacher’s job adding that apart from impacting the lives of the children, he/she has the opportunity to use the social touch to tell whether the pupil is happy or not.

“Of course, we need the ICT to supplement and augment but certainly, it cannot replace the teacher’s job. With regret, the challenge is that it depends on the individual. I cannot say all regret. I for one, have always said that the truth is, we joined the teaching with the hope of using it as a stepping stone into other fields but you come in and reality dawns on you that there is no greener pasture in the work”

On her part, the Director of Education at Krowor Municipal Directorate, Justina Djaba said “Labour unions have been the most articulate voices in society that harness the recognition of justice and worker’s right’. I want to express my gratitude to all for your efforts even during the unprecedented covid pandemic season, kudos to everyone”

She hinted that in recent times, there have been setbacks in the works of teachers across the country.

She explained that teachers play the most important role in the everyday life of an individual adding that it is sad that the teachers end up often disregarded or taken for granted.

Miss Djaba charged teachers to revive their thoughts on their loyalty, unweaving energy, unimaginable shills, and spirits found in teachers stressing that the welfare of teachers must be a priority.

‘In reality, teaching is the most important job in the world, due to the fact that students come into contact with many types of teachers in their academic career”

The Member of Parliament for La Dade Kotopon Constituency, Rita Naa Odoley Sowah lauded teachers for their immense efforts for 90 years.

She said “For teachers, we need to hold you in high esteem. Due to covid, education has become something else and it’s a bit difficult or challenging to be in the classroom. I want to commend you for the effort you are putting in ensuring that our children get the right education”

Hon. Sowah appealed to the teachers to be extra patient with the students stressing that it can also contribute to the progress of the pupil.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Ledzokuku Constituency, Benjamin Ayiku Narteh in his address assured the teachers of their support in their endeavors.

He said “As a Member of Parliament who has a great interest in teaching and learning, my doors are always opened for discussions and support and ensuring that we work together with other relevant stakeholders. It is my belief that this will inspire you to give off your best towards building a good education system”

Hon. Narteh hammered that the relevance of a teacher can never be underestimated.

He thanked the teachers for their good works adding their efforts will help build a better country.

On her part, the General Secretary for the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Gifty Apambil said “We have heard the theme and the success story of GNAT but the question, we want to ask ourselves here is; what has been our contribution to those numerous success stories? What is our share in those successes? What has been our contribution to the success story of GNAT and in the next centuries, will we be part of that story or we are going to use this conference to decide and make the next conference for ourselves in the next century?”

She charged the delegates to have courage and speak for the voiceless adding that without a courageous leader, the association will not soar higher.

“We want people who will look in the faces of others and tell them what you are doing is wrong. We want people who are ready to sacrifice for others. We want people who will say that there must be somebody who will talk to the teachers. It is not all who will get the chance to serve the teachers but whatever chance you get no matter how small it is, make good use of it so that one day you will be remembered. New teachers have been coming into the system. They just need somebody to say welcome. We sometimes ignore them”

Madam Gifty Apambil remaindered the teachers that as representatives of the union, at any level, they must be seen as the pacesetter for newcomers.

Madam Gifty Apambil also used the occasion to announce her retirement

Citations were presented to some industrious teachers for their hard work.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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