A/R: Teacher Trainee On Teaching Practice Impregnates 24 Student, 4 Female Teachers And Headmistress

Information reaching Thinknewsonline.com indicates that a teacher-in-training has done the unthinkable as he has to managed to impregnate twenty-four students, four teachers and a headmistress in a basic school in the Asokore Mampong Municipality, Ashanti Region.

The news has left the community and the nation in a state of shock.

It is emerging that the teacher trainee is said to be a level 400 student-teacher from a well-known College of Education in the Western Region.

It can be confirmed that the Ghana Education Service and the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission’s Teaching Practice Rules forbid student-teachers from behaving in ways that jeopardize the smooth operation of schools.

Thinknewsonline.com will update its readers on any new developments.

Story by: News Desk Report