8 Years Of Struggles End In Praise As Fuel Pump Attendant Graduates With A Second Class Upper Degree

A Fuel pump attendant at one of Total Ghana's filling stations in Accra, Samuel Hackman has received lots of congratulatory messages from a section of social media users after he shared a touching story of how he managed to graduate with a second class upper degree from the University after 8 years of struggles and hardships.

According to Mr. Hackman, though he had no helper, that could not stop him from achieving his dream.

In a Facebook post sighted by Thinknewsonline.com, Mr. Hackman wrote "So today I decided to also "Tell it all", I've been feeling soo reluctant to do this. I worked at the filling station for 8 years as a pump attendant to help get myself in and out of the University"

"I had no helper, i risked my health because I never had enough time to rest, my spine got wearing off, my heart was always beating unusual,my eyes were always red, my face always looked stressed, my daily routine was full of tiredness but I never stopped pushing, because I needed a better someday, i lost lots of nice relationships that could have ended beautifully, I stopped engaging myself in church activities because I had limited time to study. I was soo focused on this, I just couldn't compromise it with anything because I was my own helper"

He further noted that he is proud of himself not because of the second class upper Degree he bagged but rather surviving in the glade

"Today I'm proud of myself not because I'm a second class upper Degree holder but I'm proud of myself because I never gave up, I survived in the glade, in the jungle and i got out from the syndicate of he cant complete. What ever situation you find yourself, remember it just a phase, it just a matter of time, be strong enough and face it"

He reminded social media users that God is not dead, adding that he helps those are ready to risk their lives for a brighter future.

"Just believe in yourself, Pray, Trust in God and walk the talk. I'm an example of nothing is impossible with God. It wasn't easy as a pump attendant schooling but its now worth it"

Mr. Hackman ceased the opportunity to also congratulate all who survived various dying situations.

Information gathered reveals that Mr. Hackman attended Methodist University and read Bsc Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

He told Thinknewsonline.com, "I was an evening student, I attended lectures only when I was off duty and sometimes when I'm at work. I ask permission to attend lectures after I go back to work"

His post has received lots of heartfelt messages.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith