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6 Ways to Optimize Your Dentist Google My Business Listing

With the vast number of internet users browsing the web for solutions daily, it greatly pays to have your business discoverable organically. Google My Business (GMB) does exactly that.

It offers you the opportunity to create a profile and provides listings that will put you on the map. Many businesses today use GMB ranking for dentists; you don’t want to be left behind.

If you already have a GMB profile, here are six ways to optimize your GMB listings and make them work better for you.

1. Select the Right Category for Your Practice

One of the easiest ways to get the best out of GMB listings is to ensure you specify what kind of services you offer in your dental business.

Examples of such categories include dentist, emergency dental service, dental clinic, dental laboratory, and cosmetic dentist.

You can choose to display up to three categories on your profile. However, it is important to include categories that are in line with your primary practice.

2. Properly List All Your Services

The “Services” section in GMB is often neglected in many business profiles.

Take advantage of this to get ahead of your competition.

Be sure to add service descriptions to each service you add, as it helps your customers to make informed decisions.

3. Use Quality Images

Nothing will frustrate your site’s visitors like poor-quality photos. Sloppy or grainy photos will only communicate a lack of professionalism to your potential dental clients.

It will greatly pay to invest in good, professional photography to display pictures of your sleek, modern equipment; your staff; or happy patients.

4. Use the Questions-and-Answers Section for Interactions

You can allow users to either ask and answer questions in this section. Google will send you notifications any time a question is posed on your profile.

Alternatively, you can avoid spammers by taking full control over the question-and-answer section of your profile and creating your own questions about your practice and giving detailed answers.

This is helpful as it gives all the details your potential customers may require to make informed decisions.

5. Closely Monitor and Respond to Reviews

Reviews from past or current clients and customers make up your online reputation.

Most internet users trust these reviews. It would be best if you, therefore, took time to respond to them. Responding to reviews can also increase your ranking.

It would not cost you much to appreciate a glowing review or respectfully respond to a negative one.

However, it would help if you were careful when dealing with negative reviews; do not argue with clients on GMB, as this creates a bad picture.

6. Ensure Your Contact Information Is Accurate

This is by far the most important tip when dealing with GMB.

Inaccurate contact information will not only lead to the loss of potential customers, but it could negatively impact your reviews.

Whenever you’ve relocated or changed your phone number or working hours, ensure you update it on your profile. Clients will be frustrated if they try to reach you without success because you failed to provide accurate contact information.

Inconsistency between your contact information on GMB and your website could lead to a lower ranking by Google.

How to Maintain a High Google My Business Ranking

So you have followed all these tips and gained a high ranking GMB listing. Being at the top is not enough; for your business to thrive, you need to stay there.

You are probably wondering how you can maintain a high ranking to ensure you remain visible to potential customers.

Invest in professional services to ensure you never lose your ranking.

Credit: Ameyaw Debrah



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