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6 Amazing Benefits Of Lime Juice To The Skin That Everyone Needs To Know

When it comes to citrus fruits, lime is a favorite. Whether eaten as a fruit, used in various dishes or consumed as juice, everyone enjoys this fruit.

There are several varieties of lime fruit to choose from, with colors ranging from medium green to yellow. On ripening, limes turn yellow in color.

1. Lime For Glowing Skin

For a glowing complexion, all you need to do is have a glass of lukewarm water with some honey and freshly squeezed lime juice early in the morning regularly. This will provide an inner glow to your skin.


2. Treats Skin Tan

Excessive sun exposure can tan your skin. Lime juice can be used to remove this tan effectively.

3. Treats Acne And Blemishes

Is lime good for acne? Acne, pimples, and blemishes are caused when dirt, oil, and dead skin cells clog your pores. To keep acne and pimples at bay, you can prepare a face pack of lime juice with honey. While honey possesses antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria, the acidic nature of lime juice will control excess oil.

4. Restore Age

Drinking lime water is an excellent way to restore your age. Being loaded with antioxidants, it prevents free radicals from damaging the skin cells and repairs the damages caused by UV rays at the same time.


5. Improve Skin Tone

Lime water can improve your skin tone to a great extent. Regular intake of it synthesizes a fair amount of collagen in your body, which firms the skin and gives you a soft and toned look.

6. Anti- Aging Properties

With the progression of age and the exposure to UV rays, melanin that imparts color to your skin, can build up and get accumulated in your skin, giving rise to dark spots and other signs of aging. The peel of lime inhibits melanin production. Scrubbing your skin with lime peel or applying a facial mask containing bits of lime peel can significantly reduce this hyper- pigmentation.


Credit: Joyce Blog

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