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52-Year-Old Woman Storms Rawlings’ Funeral, Claims To Be His First Born

A 52-year-old woman whose name has been given as Abigail Mautor stormed the funeral grounds of Late President Rawlings claiming to be her first child.

According to her, she is ever ready to provide a paternity test to prove that she is indeed his biological daughter.


"I had to travel out of the country after narrating my story to Madam Grace Omaboe (Maame Dokono). She was the one who advised me to travel outside the country for my safety"

Madam Mautor further explained that due to the advice, she left the country in 2003.


She added “Maame Dokono knows about this. In 2003, I paid a visit and told her about my story, but she told me if I do not keep quiet about it I may die. So she gave me money and I left the country”

The 52-year-old woman also explained that Late President Rawlings met his mother during his hey-days as a Military Officer adding that she was asked to keep the relationship on the low.


She hinted that although it was a lowkey relationship, some extended family were in the known.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

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