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2024 elections: NDC to deploy drones in Greater Accra

The Greater Accra Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Ashley Moore has uncovered plans to convey drones for the observing of this year’s general elections.

It shapes portion of endeavors to win over two million votes for the party in this year’s races by fortifying the Party’s observing frameworks to deflect fixing.

As of now the party is focusing on over two million votes within the locale they claim will be a decider within the races.

Mr. Moore uncovered plans are distant progressed to commence preparing of people to man the gear to be conveyed.

In spite of the fact that the Chairman was controlled from letting out more on this, he underlined the essential coordinations will be secured for the races.

The NDC parliamentary meeting uncovered they have distinguished nine operational voting demographics where they will offer assistance capture for the party.

Secretary for the gather, Sam George repeated resolve to provide the highest number of votes ever for the NDC within the Locale.

Credit: Myjoyonline



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