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2020: Farewell To A Torrid Year!

The wearing of face masks defined the year

Slowly but surely the sun is setting on the year 2020,and what a year it has turned out to be!

For us In Ghana it still feels unbelievable that Covid-19 is at our door steps.

what started as a virus In far away Wuhan quickly took hold of the entire world within months In a manner akin to a raging wildfire. For we in Ghana the Magic date was 12th March,2020.the date On which the first cases of covid were reported on our soil.

The entire world was caught wrong footed by a pandemic that was so unexpected. I still

remember the toddling months of the virus when the World Health Organization debated

whether to declare the virus a pandemic or not.

Covid-19 demonstrated how vulnerable humanity is to the natural currents of this world.

suddenly the virus had become the Ultimate leveler,as it demonstrated that it was no respecter of persons: from Presidents, Prime ministers to royalty, all had to take cover!

I remember so vividly Prime minister Boris Johnson's well publicized battle with the virus

In the wake of his Infection. it was really intriguing following the daily updates on his condition

right up to his eventual recovery.

Talking of Britain, BREXIT was after all supposed to define the year, I am referring

to that much heralded divorce pact between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

But alas! Covid-19 had other plans, and managed to tumble Brexit off the radar of the world


One episode I would like to forget in a hurry was the huge number of deaths recorded in the

early days of the pandemic in Italy. It resembled a bloodbath!

leadership was brought into play as world leaders devised different mechanisms to control the rapid spread of the virus. Lockdowns stood out as one of the potent mechanisms adopted by many countries, including Ghana. coupled with the observation of protocols like wearing of

face masks, washing and sanitizing of hands.

Naturally, the economic fortunes of many countries took a turn for the worst. as at the time of writing this article it was being reported that Ghana is set to experience its first recession In thirty years!

As if the effects of the pandemic weren't enough, many prominent people passed on this year. Famous Ghanaian musicologist, Ken Kafui slipped away in the early days of the pandemic, Professor Rhule-Plange, a popular health expert succumbed to the virus, Maverick

politician, kojo Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as sir John also succumbed to the virus. as if these deaths weren't enough Our own Jerry John Rawlings died suddenly in early November, sending shocking reverberations across the country! how can one forget the great Diego Amando Maradona? he also sadly took leave of this world at the twilight of 2020!

With all the aforementioned negative episodes it is only natural to want to see the back of the year 2020, but I choose to focus on the positive lessons we can derive from the happenings of the year.

I believe the most Important lesson the year teaches us is that we human beings share a Common humanity, and that whatever happens outside our shores, no matter how distant

has a direct bearing on our lives. Isolationism with its attendant discredited treatise personified in people like Donald Trump have no place in our world.

Global issues must be dealt with with an emphasis on our shared humanity.

The fact that a virus that emerged in little known Wuhan could cripple the entire world within

months is queit telling and should be a wake up call to policy makers to refocus globalism and

In a concerted fashion strive to solve the challenges bearing in mind that no one is safe untill everyone is safe and that our artificial borders only give us a false sense of security.

Future historians might just quote history In terms of pre and post 2020 because we can all agree that this is one year we will not be able to forget in a hurry.

For now we can only pray that the Ship of2020 sails gently with Us to destination 2021.


Credit; Rodney Tsenuokpor

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